Electrify America with its wheels!!

Climate change, this little phenomenon of greenhouse gases trapping heat that causes things like annual hurricanes, droughts, floods and more. Many people are aware of this and are trying to halt or fix this problem before a great calamity occurs. One of the most important ways to stop this is by reducing car emissions. So, how shall we cut CO2 emission in cars? By changing to renewable resources, like having EV’s! They are a small stepping stone, I know, but in this crisis that we live in, any stone, no matter how small is precious to the Earth.

There are many reasons why  America should convert to EV’s and the most crucial is to, well save the environment. This is because America is one of the world’s biggest polluters and each car it its land emits about 4 tons of CO2 every year. And the transportation industry produces about one third of all carbon emissions. So, why are EV’s good? Well they produce 75% less CO2 emissions than the average gas car. But, in places where electricity is created by coal ala Kentucky, a electric car will create more pollution due to the increased use of electricity, which means coal being burned. Not good.  But in places like Washington, where 75% of its energy is hydroelectric, electric cars are a great option, because the electricity is clean, it promotes usage of dams which creates new jobs, which leads to…


EV’s are good for the economy and saves you money. The US manufacturing industry accounts for 11.6 million jobs, with car manufacturing contains 700,000 jobs. Investing in EV’s will create more jobs for the cars and boost the economy,  which means more tax money spent on education, infrastructure, healthcare etc. Electric cars can save your money too. Sure the initial price is expensive, twice the cost of a gas car. But the cost of fuel for an electric car is 2 cents, while for gas the cost for gasoline is $2-$3 per gallon. Also, the price for electricity in cars has fallen down from $3.85 per 100 miles!! So, I say those who can afford it should invest in EV’s. Electric cars can cuts down on the barrels, too.


America loses dependence on foreign oil. We import about 9.4 million barrels everyday.  Also, American taxpayers paid about 67-83 billion a year on troops to stabilize countries where it gets its oil. So, investing in EV’s will mean less money spent on sending troops, which means more tax money spent on education, infrastructure, healthcare etc. Also, many of those countries have grudges against the US, so it protects national security, but we might need to heal our relation with them so this plan can work out.


Now, I know there are many downsides to EV’s like initial cost and fear of being stranded far from a fuel station But these are small  compared to the solutions. Like how the richer states, who tend to be environmentally friendly, should aid its less gilded cousins, with these issues and then The United States should lead the world to be friendly to the earth and everything about it. I care for the planet, do you?



The Sun Clock Ticks for June! A reflection on freshman year.

Hello Internet!!

Oh my its already May 27! Man, I didn’t realized how fast this year went. Funny, how time passes. In the present time everything starts slowly, but in retrospective it feels like a breeze. Its scary at times how time is, right. That’s why I’m ready to spend this summer in a satisfying  way.

So, in my elementary and early middle  school years, I was extremely shy and quiet. I get stunted when people look at me, say hi and especially smile (I did this weird smile that is clearly fake). It was bad, I couldn’t trust myself or others and only spoke to answer questions or when someone made a comment on me. I always kept away from others people, even if I wanted to( which is not that often).

But now, in the twilight of freshman year, I noticed how much open I become, and how shy I’m still am(which is not a bad thing). I talk more and say hi back when others say so and smile more genuinely when others do. Still I have room to grow, like maintain friends and feeling confident about myself. Sure i still not that talkative person but i see myself as a more social and happier person after June 19, 2015. I think this is because of my time in CGS, because of the structure of high schools and the environment of CGS has open me up just slightly.

My experience as CGS freshman was wonderful. I got a taste of how people in third world countries live,  visited old tenants from NYC, have performers dance beautiful dances from around the world, learning a whole new language as one of my main subjects, going to clubs(for a while), and best of all meeting so many awesome and interesting people. It was wonderful.

I learn a lot too, about myself, with these programs, to be culturally aware and thinking globally and have empathy for other(I really needed the last one) and be a productive member of society. I learn to not fall into pessimism, nihilism or misanthropy. Acknowledge the good and bad of others and learning that everyone is different, like how I’m more introverted and quiet and don’t need to be a social butterfly. It’s eye opening to say the least.


Well, that was something!! So, yeah, school is awesome and I’m excited for summer. Since I have lots of plans for summer, like jobs and losing weight, I’m going to be a busy gal. So, what are you gonna do this summer. You can take my poll or comment down below.

Bye!! See you next time!!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Hype and Opinions

Hello, Internet! Its me Ale, and holy hell! POKEMON SUN AND MOON NEWS OHHH MY GOD FINALLY!!! YAY! TOO MUCH HYPE!!!!!!!!!!. (Why did I watch this in Math class.)

Sorry for that but that was my reaction to the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer that was announced on Monday. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest game in the Pokemon video games series, and it was announced on February 27. So, for the last 2 month and a week, we got no concrete info on the games. Sure some leaked information was thrown in like the name of your starter Pokemon, but I and MANY people wanted official news. Finally we got some info on May 10. Here the trailer



And the line in the beginging of my post was my reaction to the trailer. Now lets see my opinions


Rowlet is cute but its typing is awful. Its going to die in the snow, tee hee. Its most likely staying a Grass/Flying.

Litten is alright, I’m not big into cats, but I love Fire types and I like its color scheme. Second choice. I predict its final evolution is going to be a Fire/Dark


POPPLIO IS SOOOOO CUTE I’M WANT ONE!!! I LOVE SEA LIONS OH MY GOD BEST STARTER!!! Another sorry for that, but Popplio is  my choice for this game. #TeamPopplio. But this one is either Water/Fairy or Water/Psychic

I know, cliche predictions but they make sense to me at the moment and I don’t believe the leaks about their final evolutions.


Disclaimer: The names I’m using aren’t confirmed, but since the starters names were leaked along the legendaries, so  I’m using them.

Version Mascots

The legendaries are interesting, with that space vibe they give. I really like Lunaala much more than Solgaleo. Don’t get me wrong Solgaleo is one badass sun lion thing, but I like the grace and intimidation that Lunaala gives off. And you see how it shoots that beam at the end , its so cool!

The Setting


I’m very happy with the Alola region in this game. From the trailer, we can see this is a tropical region that is most likely based on Hawaii. At, first I though another tropical setting after ORAS was a bit redundant, but  I don’t care now’cause this region is beautiful! Just look at the trailer. And since this is Hawaii, I’m expecting that you be able to visit the other Hawaiian islands too. Oh my this is going to be so much fun!!

Other stuff


This guy right here is most likely our rival. I’m pretty sure that he’s not the only rival in this game as he chooses the Pokemon with a type disadvantage over yours. We don’t know who can be the main rival, but the gender you don’t play as can be the main rival. But i rather have another brand new rival, one that is rude and harsh, and this rival can be the friendly and supportive one.



These guys right here. The only info we have on them is that the shirtless guy in the back is called Kukui and the fun guy in the yellow shirt is Hala. Both are speculated to be the regional professor. I’m not so sure who is the professor but a theory that I hear says Hala is a retired professor and Kukui is the new one to pass the torch.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Character Customization Revealed In New Trailer

Character customization is back! Yes! The skin tone selection is still a bit limited but this is still early footage, so maybe we could get more as time goes by. As for trainer clothes, I want to be able to wear more masculine clothing and guys be able to wear more feminine clothing. Also being able to wear accessories and changing body type and height would be awesome. Come on its 2016, and it just makes the game more inclusive and fun. Also, if possible i want this game to add Amiibo costumes. I know is unlikely, but it be hilarious to wear Wario’s clothes or wearing Marth’s clothes. I’ll love that!

Final Thoughts

I’m so hype for this game, I haven’t played a main series Pokemon game since Gen 3, due to money problems. Now, i’m saving cash to be able to earn money and buy this game along with a New 3ds XL.

Bye Bye!!!




Things that Happen

Hello guys and gals! Welcome back to my blog! Sorry that I haven’t wrote anything in the last month. But during the past month I have changed quite a bit.

First of all, I feel overall happier. Probably due to the weather finally being good , me getting back into Pokemon and the end of the school year is coming. Whatever, I starting to smile more and connect with people. This is great as I tend to feel down a whole lot, and trust me, they are not cool. So, this feeling of happiness and feel-good is great, since my usual mood is the apathetic one, and I’m trying to change that.

Secondly, I’m getting back into Pokemon. Its been a while since I gotten back to this series. And to be honest, I’m really liking it, a lot. This happen during Spring break where I watched a random video about Pokemon characters and I got hooked instantly. Now, I’m playing Pokemon on my phone, reading the manga and plan to do a summer job to earn money for a 3DS and the latest  game in the series.

But as my love for Pokemon grew my fondness of decayed. Don’t get me wrong, I still love reading, but not as much as past years. I noticed this trend happening last summer but this spring break made this really apparent. To combat this, I’m reading 25 pages in the train every day. Its working so far and i’m reading a whole lot. I plan to read an array of books this summer, and watch live action shows for the first time. As Shakespeare would say to a person who spends all their time in an Android “Thou artless

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Also whoever made this is awesome!!

fool born barnacle. Yeah, we are reading Shakespeare baby!!

That was retarded, sorry friends but I’m feeling good.



Ale’s Art Gallery #1

Every artist was first an amateur,

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello Internet 

So, I have been getting back into drawing lately, which is great as I really enjoy the medium, just that school and general laziness get in the way. So today,  I want to share some of my drawings to others as I tend to show them my immediate family. Now that I had a blog, I can do just that.  Keep in mind that some of my drawings might look really BAD, but its a stepping stone in my journey as an artist, right.  Also sorry for the terrible  picture quality, since my phone is the only camera that I have. Enjoy this art tour!

Fan art

L for Death Note

This drawing, which I drew back in October was my first attempt at fan art, since I only drew original work, mainly original characters. I wanted to see how I adapted a character that I loved into my art style. The result was taking my favorite character from Death Note and make him more deadpan than he was in the anime. BTW, L is awesome. Also, I recommend Death Note to all anime fans since its a straightforward story while still providing some things to think about and being generally enjoyable (well until episode 25, but it isn’t complete trash like others say, well in my opinion.)

  • Time: approx. 2 hours
  • Date: October 29, 2015




SCP 999 from the SCP Foundation

I’m pretty sure not many of my readers know of the SCP Foundation. In short, its a wiki-based site about a government facility that contains paranormal entities, objects, and locations to protect humanity from harm and to keep normalcy. The website has about 2000 entries and SCP 999 happen to be one of my favorites since its so cute and friendly, unlike the other SCPs who tend to lend towards the horrifying. The SCP Foundation wiki has a lot of entries that do make me want to  draw them, which I will. BTW I drew this while watching Steven Universe episode 37, it wasn’t that hard to draw while watching it .

  • Date: March 19, 2015
  • Time: 40 minutes


Original Work 



So this drawing came when I was thinking of characters for my imaginary novel that I plan to write in the future. Josephine, the main character was meant to be a magical girl who can control fire with that terrible wand that I drew.  Yes, I know cliche, but I really like the design that I picture in my head and wanted to draw it. This drawing was fun to draw because of its difficulty, especially the hands as I wanted to give her a vain but friendly vibe to her. And yes I come up with personalities and even  backstories as Josephine was a normal girl who happens to take on a magical girl role after her parents death because she has nowhere to go. But this drawing is outdated as Josephine no longer has this backstory or design, but the core elements like the prevalence of orange and eyes are still there.

  • Date: November 23, 2015
  • Time: 3 hours


Jewel Butterfly


This is a random drawing that I make when I was  bored one cold day in January. Since it was January and I like blue and butterflies, i drew this exotic drawing of a butterfly. I really like     “geometrical” art and this is a manifestation of it.

  • Date: Jan 15, 2016
  • Time: 1 hour


Llama Looking

In a age where the world  is becoming more connected and unfortunately Westernized(not that Western culture is bad but i like diversity) Now.  there are people with dual cultural identities and like to express that in different ways, whether is it through dialect, art, dress est.  being someone who was born in Peru and moving here at 8, I incorporate Peruvian culture with the culture in the US. This is the reason why this drawing came about, to draw something from my own culture and have fun while doing it. This drawing was extremely enjoyable for me to draw as not only I was drawing something from my culture, I was practicing a new perspective for drawing.

  • Date: February 23, 2016
  • Time: 4 hours






So that is my art gallery. I have many more drawings, but most aren’t colored so i have to go with these. When I get a better camera I take more photos, okay?!


For something random, a little gift for those interest in Death Note and/or the SCP Foundation.

Death Note is on Netflix both subbed and dubbed. But for those who don’t have Netflix you can watch it on kissanime. subbed

For the SCP Foundation, the link to the site is here and here’s a video about some of the SCPs in the wiki.








Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: A Look Back (part 2)

Good Night Internet! 

It’s time for another blog, yay!

Last time, I talk about my experience watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. So let’s continue it, shall we?


I don’t know if this makes me an ungraceful person or not, but I didn’t want to go to Peru for multiple reasons.

  1. It’s too expensive and we were in a not so great economic shape
  2. My mom forced me into a quincenera party. which i didn’t want
  3. It meant not going to summer camp with my classmates in school(My school has a summer camp)
  4.  It meant no going to the library
  5. We’ll be there for one month

But my family went, and let me tell you, the trip was great as i saw my dear sister and nieces again. And went to some really fun places. But, since this blog is about Fulllmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, I’ll stop right there..

Now, you might think that having Internet (my uncle owns a Internet Cafe ) and one moth will make me watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood like air.


It didn’t. I forgot the website where i watch the show, and I didn’t want ads as they can last for 10 minutes. For example: once I was watching the final episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the Library, and the ads made the 24 minute long episode into almost

This website 

an hour!!! So, because of that experience and my general laziness and addiction to another website: http://tvtropes.org/ . Yeah, Ale gets into new addictions quickly.

Talking about addictions, I downloaded Plant vs Zombies 2 on my Android. You know that sequel to that game were you used plants with superpowers to kill zombies. Yeah, that game was also addicting, even if

This game!

i don’t play that game as much as I did in the past though. But, it was REALLY fun when i was playing it. Also, I brought one book to read, and because of PVZ2 , it took like a month to finish.

So, during the month of July and the first week of August, I was reading, playing the hell of PVZ2,  looking at the endless library of TV Tropes and going to awesome places, my family went home. And for some reason, returning to the US  got me into Fullmetal Alchemist again. But, I still didn’t have Internet, so watching was a pain. During this time, I have watched 12 episodes of FMA:B,

But that changed around late August, where my family  got Internet back and I found an (illegal) anime streaming website called kissanime.com , which was awesome since you have to pay for subscribe and pay to watch the show in Funimation’s official site. So,  guess what I did? Yes, more binge watching this series! But, I was still restricted to my cell phone, which suck because it was difficult to use the website version in the mobile. During this time, I started to watch another anime that is also very good, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This also started the era where I watched two shows at the same time. Which is awesome, but makes your mind race with the two shows and doesn’t let you sleep at night because you anticipate the next episode.

I did have to struggle to watch the show due to the medium, but i managed to watch it, but slowly. It wasn’t until the begging of October that I found out that there was a mobile version of the website. this make clicking the episodes MUCH easier and it loaded quite quickly for my phone. This started the era where Ale watched the show like the end of the world was happening tomorrow. Like every day, after homework and studying, I rewarded myself with one episode of it. I began to watch two episodes every weekend, and then 3, then 4 . this is mostly because the show was getting pretty epic and grand. By mid October, I was at episode 40, when just two weeks ago, I was at 20.

So, the show was getting pretty awesome and I started to watch the show on the train and during lunch periods Yes, it got that addicting. And that included hearing the multiple theme songs in my head.(Yes there are 5 songs for the 64 episodes of the show). Yeah, and it was pretty good after that.

This continue for 2 more weeks until there were only 7 episode left. I wanted to watch 1 episode per day since I wanted to extend my time viewing the show and because i wanted to end the show on Saturday and restart my viewing of Neon Genesis Evangelion (I put the show on hiatus because FMA:B got addicting ) But I end up watching the show in 3 days, ending on Wednesday October 28. Pretty uneventful, the episode was pure epicness.

So, that’s it. That’ my story. Some may find it boring, others will smile a little. And like always


If you want to watch it, them here it is. It’s dubbed, because i watched the show like that.



Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: A Look Back (Part 1)

So, I haven’t watch that much anime in the past few months. i don’t know why, maybe something having to do with school or something. But that didn’t make my anime viewing experience any less fun. So far, I have completed 6 anime. Those include Dragon Ball, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Attack on Titan. Today on aletalksboutstuff.com I’m going to talk about my favorite anime that I have watch so far. Guess from the selection of shows listed above? Okay!

If you guess Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, then you are right. This anime that I watched over the course of 2015 was one of the best experiences in animation that I have in recent memory(My memory is bad) . So, lets start in the beginning.


It was a day in April, on a weekend I think, that I felt like watching anime. I just finished Death Note a week prior  and I was starving for another show I didn’t know what I was going to watch, there were so many choices to watch and being the person that I am, got

overwhelmed by all the choices of anime that I have.  So  I made myanimelist.com do the suggestions for me. The highest rated anime was Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which as of Feb 2016 has a average of 9.25 in the website. I’m going to summarized the plot and setting of the show, in my own words:

Our two main protagonists Edward(Left) and Alphonse Elric(Right)  alchemy, the science of reconstructing and
deconstruction exist. They tried to use this to revived their dead mother, but this was a taboo. It failed, badly. This unfortunate event  lead to the two brothers losing something. For Ed, it was his right arm. For Al, it was his whole body. Now, in their current state, the two brothers are in search of a Philosopher’s Stone, a mythical artifact that its is say to break the laws of alchemy and made the user extremely powerful. To do that, they’ll join the State Military to get closer to the Philosopher Stone. What they find instead is something that wasn’t in their minds though.


This got me instantly hooked to the show, as
I love a good action/adventure series. So, I decided to watch the first 2 episodes on Funimation’s YouTube channel. Lets just say that the first episode was good but it didn’t caught my attention. Episode 2, that hooked me up like a metal being attracted to a magnet. I decided to leaved it at that since I needed to do homework and such. Dreams were fun though

On to the next day, school started, I was anxious to watch the next 2 episodes. Since it was in April, it was humid and somewhat hot, so been in school was a pain since it didn’t have air conditioner in some areas, like math class, or too much AC like Social Studies. I only thought of FMA:B for pretty much the entire day, not caring for my academics or the other kids around me. I didn’t have that much homework to do and no big test were coming up. So, guess what I did? Yes! More Fullmetal Alchemist!!!

Unfortunate for me, Funimation only have the first 4 episodes, so i have to looked towards another website. I  forgot the name of the website but its where I watch the first 12 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

You might think that I will binge watch the show. Wrong! During those days, I have no Internet connection or PC which made watching the show in my phone difficult because it lag and buffer like a 1,000 bugs attacked it. Seriously it was annoying. So I only watch the show once a week. Another reason I didn’t binge watch is because I was reading 2 books at the time.

Want to know how I feel about the first 12 episodes?n They were kinda fast paced, but they were awesome though. I wish i have the right internet to watch, but I didn’t feel like going to the library everyday to watch the show.

So, by now school has ended and you might think I will watch the entire show in a week. But no, I have to go to Peru to visit my family. Don’t worry they have Internet there.

We’ll continue in Part 2 okay.

As a bonus, here the first opening of the show!


When You are not doing Homework: a website about the future


Here’s my new addiction 

In my last blog, i mentioned that I sometimes procrastinate in my tasks of doing homework and other menial tasks.  But, sometimes that can be awesome, especially if you are internaut like me. Sometimes you find fun games, sometimes you find epic websites that become your addiction for months, sometimes compelling articles that make you rethink your place in the world, and daily reminders that the world can be an atrocity . This time in my ventures of the internet, I stumbled across a website called futuretimeline.net, an online website, blog and forum that talks about predictions of the future of the human race, whether backed by trends and research or just plain old science fiction. And it gives you several links for other science, tech and future things  And its awesome. 

The website main attraction, the timeline is an ever changing prediction list ranging next year to the end of the universe.

The timeline is divided into parts:

  • 21st century, (which its divide into decades and even individual years for the first 4 decades),
  • 22nd century( which is divided into 2100-2149 AD and 2149-2199 AD)
  • The Far Future (which contains 2200-10,000 AD, divide into 2200-2249, 2250-2299, 2300-10,000 AD) 
  • Beyond (Beyond 10,000 AD and Beyond I million Ad)

 They all contain a small summary of the era (e.g 21 century), short sentence describing an event in the future and explanations of the events in the bottom as well as links. Like for example in 2054, rainfall intensifies by 20% and explaining it in a small description and a link sourcing the prediction in the bottom. The forum is like any other, a message board that is divided into a particular topic (e.g Culture, Economics and Politics of the Future). There is a Blog section, which is more like a news section, reporting on current events in Science, Technology, and Social Issues. I haven’t really explored this sections of the website, but when i get enough free time, I will.

Now, back to the topic. The website is very interesting for many reasons, even if the predictions aren’t absolute truth. First, its a very detailed timeline of the future, describing current trends with some well research predictions and some more wilder guesses mixed in there. The explanations in the bottom really describes the event, often making you feel that you are reading a crystal ball.

This website, naturally gives this feeling of perspective, about our actions and how that affects our descendants and the earth. The technological aspects of the predictions excite and terrified me at the same time. Its cool that we could get anti aging technology by 2050’s , but designers babies for the rich and having temperature rise up by 3 degrees is not cool. It makes me want to be thoughtful of my actions because I don’t want it to suck  for me and my descendants. I’m going to be someone, not a every-woman. And it starts with those grades in school.






I’m too lazy but I still think.

What happens when you can’t put ideas on paper or are too lazy to do so. 

Hello, my fellow readers.

Welcome to 2016. This year means new opportunities and challenges, new people and more stuff to know.
But, some might not get that because we’re lazy.
So, about 2 months ago, I did promised that I write a review and a story. I didn’t specified when, but I did its coming. Because of spending my Internet time in looking at random articles things and stuff. I was lazy for that. I’ll try not to be careless in that.

But, during those 2 months, I thought about stories that I’ll write when I get older. Since being a screenwriter or just an author is a career that I’m pursing, this has always pop up. I love books, even if I’m also lacking in that lately(curse me), so if I lived to be able to write books professionally, I hope I’m good for that job. For money and heart.

So, I gathered some of my ideas that persisted in my head for this time. Some sound “edgy”,silly,or cliched if published. But they are still eggs waiting to hatch, so we don’t know how good these ideas are in print(or text)

Ideas 1: a court case about a sex offender being killed by vigilantes. the vigilantes are not charged guilty. Controversy ensues.
Idea 2: a dog’s experience in a wasteland after humans has died due to a virus.
Idea 3: a person travels to different alternate universes while writing about it (and taking photos).
Idea 4: a biography of myself (written in a diary-style)

So, that’s the ideas i can summarized easily. Some ideas are hard to put down because there’s a lot to them than a couple of sentences.

PS: I’m writing that review! The review is about the anime Fullmetal Alchemist! Hope you enjoy it. Just need to stop being so lazy to myself. Okay

Adios, que te vaya bien!!!

Censorship : Thoughts


This is true Liberty when free born men
Having to advise the public may speak free,
Which he who can, and will, deserv’s high praise,
Who neither can nor will, may hold his peace;
What can be juster in a State then this?

Euripides , Greek Playwright(480-406 BC)  

Censorship is the act of omitting content from the public deemed “unacceptable” by the person doing it. It’s a practice that was with us since the ancient Greeks and heck, even before that. censorship was used for many purposes, but it was mainly to keep away material that people found “inappropriate”

Why do I think this is bad? Well, it was used to keep people quiet when they wanted to talk about unorthodox opinions. Because, everyone HAS to think the way you want and how you live. No one can be different. 

Yeah, that was a tad too crazy, but this is the kind of mindset that people who censor tend to have. They can’t stand people having other opinions from themselves because it was seen as different. So, instead of accepting a different viewpoint, they block them.

Some examples of some twisted uses of censorship throughout history.

  • When ancient Greek philosopher Socrates got executed by drinking poison in 399 BC because he have different views of other people in his time. Ironically  his student Plato supported censorship. He say this , “Let the censors receive any tale of fiction which is good, and reject the bad”.
  • In 1559, Pope Paul IV ordered the first edition of Index Librorum Prohibitorum  Index of Prohibited Books. The index was issued by 20 popes and ran until 1948! One of the many banned books was Galileo works in 1633. The church also executed several people like Joan of Arc in 1431.
  • The Spanish Inquisition burning of the Mayan codifies.  In the 16th century, when Spain landed and colonized the Americans, they created a system of censorship and control of literature in the area. One of them was this. The guy who lead this was Diego de Landa. He and other bishops viewed the codifies as lies and devil worship.

For Censorship Points and time to debunk them. 

What about hate speech?:  I see that some people think that is a necessary evil to combat harming ideologies like extremists, bigots, hatemongers and the like. Sure, they are harmful and bad. But, what’s bad and hurtful depends on the individual. The 1st amendment protects all speech, one exception is for fighting words, which are words that disturb peace and incite hatred. To fight such ideas, one must listen to them in order to fight back. You don’t win an argument by blocking a person’s view, you take it and come with counterpoints. That’s how the world works Think about it, how can you fight racism if you don’t know what racists think or know their viewpoint.  Knowing your opponent is important you know. Also, remember, the law that blocks hate speech can be used against you.

What about the children?: I really dislike this argument. In my opinion, a child shouldn’t be exposed to offensive material in the first place. Parents should be parents and check the material that their children are viewing. If its too inappropriate them don’t show it. Its idiotic to censor media because a few people say its inappropriate for kids or anyone. I think its unethical to block an artist wirk or a person opinions vecause is bad for our children. Also, I feel that older children can be given some of the more sensitive material. The world isn’t your and especially my dreams.  People need to accept that.

I say enough.